Living Off the Grid.What It Means Today.

the phrase living off grid has always been taken to mean living completely without specific things that remove you from society in many cases and remove you from the ability to communicate in others.


Today that phrase has evolved to mean people who may live in mainstream society but are well prepared to live on their own and live a self sustaining lifestyle if the need arises.

Learning how to grow your own food, to make your own power and to exist without certain amenities is almost imperative in the world in which we live today.


So much is happening and so much is changing. Society has begun to break down in many instances. The supply chain has never fully recovered post Covid and many things that were available readily are not so in recent years.


How much do you know about growing your own food, creating your own soap and cleaning products and making sure that you can put meat or protein on the table?


Wild Turkey you would want to see while hunting

Your Off-Grid Life

Build a Rocket Stove

There are several different methods to cook outdoors if you have no stove readily available. Just a few include the Yukon stove, as well as

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How to Remove Leeches

How to Remove Leeches Sometimes, exploring the woods can leave you with undesirable surprises. One of them is realizing that there is one or more leeches attached to you. This can trigger panic right away.

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Best Snacks to Take on a Long Hike

Hiking needs a significant amount of energy. This activity may not involve running or lifting but it will consume the energy you have right away. You won’t feel hungry when you hike. This is because

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Bear Bells and When to Use Them

Going on a hike in Bear Country is a great way to be one with Mother Nature. Planning this outdoor activity starts with getting the right supplies. Bear bells may be one of the items

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Natural Ways to Treat Poison Ivy

Natural Cures for Poison Ivy Poison Ivy can strike at any time. It often strikes at the most unexpected times. The irritant in poison ivy is urushiol. It’s the same component that causes extremely itchy

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Backpacking equipment for beginning hikers

Smoking Venison to Preserve It

Smoking venison is a traditional method of preservation that not only extends the shelf life of the meat but also enhances its flavor. Smoking works by slowly cooking the meat at low temperatures, which allows

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Legal Aspects of Off Grid Lifestyles

Cities or municipalities attempting to regulate or limit off-grid lifestyles often cite public health, safety, and zoning laws as their main concerns. These regulations can sometimes make it challenging for individuals to live completely off

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