Best Snacks to Take on a Long Hike

Hiking needs a significant amount of energy. This activity may not involve running or lifting but it will consume the energy you have right away. You won’t feel hungry when you hike. This is because oxygenated blood flows more into your muscles than into your stomach. That is why you need to carry some snacks with you. Your body is too busy burning calories to send hunger signals. That is why you must replenish them constantly during your hike. Read on and make your own snack list for your long hike.

Cans of tuna and packs of crackers

Having a couple of these with you can give you boosts of protein on the trail. Eat them with some cheesy crackers and you will have a satisfying break. Make sure you have a portable can opener or just get easy-open cans.

Bananas and peanut butter

Bananas are rich in potassium. Peanut butter is full of good fat, proteins, and calories Combine the two and you will get the fuel you need for your hike. This snack can prevent your muscles from cramping after hiking all day. You can also use nut butter if you are allergic to peanut butter. Feel free to add some cereal or granola for some crunch.


Dense vegetables like broccoli, carrots, and celery can stay crunch on the trail, even if you don’t refrigerate them. Cucumbers can help with your hydration. Pack some hummus for a protein-rich dip and you have a tasty hiking snack.

Beef jerky

Hikers have been taking beef jerky with them for years. This snack is high in protein and tasty as well. It can help keep your blood sugar at healthy levels and refuel your muscles during your hike. Make sure not to eat too much of it because its salt content will make you thirsty. This could make you drink all your water.


Nuts, rolled oats, and some bits of sweetness are just some of the things many people like about granola. You can find many mixes in many stores. But store-bought granola is often too sweet. Making your own will allow you to add healthier sweetening agents, such as agave or honey.

Dried or fresh fruits

The natural water and sugar content in fresh fruits can help hydrate you on your hike. Freezing some grapes the night before you leave can give you a cool treat on the trail. Dried fruit is an option if you don’t want to deal with squishy fruits in your backpack. Just be sure to hydrate when you snack on them. Apple chips and raisins are good choices.

Staying healthy during your hike is always a priority. Having the best hiking snacks can make your adventure more enjoyable. Prepare them well the night before your hike so that you can just place them in your backpack the following day.

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