Build a Rocket Stove

There are several different methods to cook outdoors if you have no stove readily available. Just a few include the Yukon stove, as well as this one, the rocket stove. The rocket stove can be used in emergencies. It can also be used in everyday life. This stove uses very little fuel wood and puts out an intense heat to cook more quickly. You can set several of these babies up and cook a smorgasbord for a large group if you are in the mood. They’re simple, cheap and easy to assemble.


What You Will Need to Make a Rocket Stove:
17 bricks
Flat, sturdy surface to lay the bricks on
How to Make a Rocket Stove:
Lay 3 bricks side by side vertically and a 4th brick along the end of two of the bricks horizontally. Add a half brick to fill in the gap to form a square.
Grab 4 more bricks and place them around the edges. Position the bricks over the joints, leaving an opening in front so it looks like a squared horse shoe from the top.
Using the next 4 more bricks and lay them on top of the 2nd layer. This time you’ll lay a brick across the front to close the gap, over top of the opening in the front.
Keep building until you only have 1 brick left. With that last brick, place it in front of the opening long ways. This makes it easier to feed the fire with twigs.
Now you are ready to put a fire in the stove. Put some twigs vertically into the front opening and some horizontally into the top opening, then ignite. Once you have a decent fire you’re ready to cook. You might need to put something like small stones or broken bricks under your skillet or pot to raise it up a tad from the opening at the top. This will keep the pan from cutting off oxygen and smothering the fire. If bricks are not available, a Yukon Stove or Dakota Fire Hole maybe an excellent alternative.

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