How to Build a Primitive Fish Trap

You can forage and hunt for food to survive in the wilderness. But what if you can also fish? Likely, you do not have fishing gear with you if you get lost out there. So, building a stone fish trap can help provide for your food whenever you need it.

Before You Build

You must find a good location first. This is important if you want to trap fish well. Of course, do not be picky with the type of fish you can catch. If there are minnows, then you must catch 20 to 30 of them for each meal. Once you find an area filled with any type of fish, it is time to build your stone fish trap.

Stone Fish Trap Basics

These primitive traps are also called tidal traps. They were first used in Ireland at least 8,000 years ago. A stone fish trap will be most effective in a spot that has a gentle current if you are near a river or stream. If, by chance, you are near a bay or ocean, build your stone fish trap away from areas where the water may rush back into the ocean.

A double heart-shaped stone fish trap is effective. The stones let the water pass through but larger objects or animals like fish cannot swim out because they get caught in the current. The opening of the funnel should face the current.

Remember that a bigger wall will enable you to catch bigger fish. You can catch small bait fish in your stone fish trap. Use these fish to catch bigger ones for a more filling meal.

Wooden Fish Trap Basics

You may find wooden fish trap weirs are like stone fishing weirs. These traps can also come in tomato or heart shapes. Make sure to face the long funnel end toward the current. Creating square-shaped traps. Place a deep funnel on its side, facing the current as well.

Get some wood from the saplings or trees around you. Choose young branches. These materials have more water in them. They are also more flexible to work with than older branches. This can make your fish trap last a long time.

These primitive fish traps still work today. They are effective in catching fish that you can keep for a long time. If you maintain them, you can continue to get fish passively. You can get fish every day without exerting much energy.

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