How to Make Dutch Oven Barbecued Spare Ribs

Nothing says summer like a barbecue. If you’re out in the woods and camping or hiking, chances are good that you’ve got a dutch oven with you. Outdoor cooking tends to make everyone just a little hungrier doesn’t it?

No matter how you do it, on a grill or in a dutch oven, ribs are wonderful additions to a summer cookout. In this instance, even if you don’t have the larger grill, the dutch oven can do the job for you. This means you’re still able to get the great summertime barbecue taste and the filling, delicious meal that you’re looking for.

Barbecued spare ribs–no matter how you make them– are always welcome and always delicious, whether you use beef or pork to create them. This recipe calls for pork spare ribs but you could as easily substitute beef if you’re not a pork lover. They are easy to make, delicious to eat and the cleanup is fast and easy when you spray the dutch oven prior to adding the food.

Ingredients You Will Need
3 to 4 slabs of pork spare ribs
vegetable oil
black pepper
1 pint barbecue sauce
2 cups water or beef broth, (for steaming/simmering)
bbq ribs

Prepare charcoal grill for ash white hot coals and maximum grill height for slow browning.
While coals are burning down, split slab ribs into individual rib pieces and swab with cooking oil.
Pepper liberally and then brown on both sides.
Do not pre-boil ribs. (If you insist, need to cut cooking time, afford the loss of some flavor, etc. go ahead and boil them first.)
Prepare deep 12-inch Dutch oven by placing an inverted pie pan or trivet into oven bottom.
This prevents ribs on the bottom from sticking and burning.
You may line Dutch oven with aluminum foil to ease clean up chores. (Many people like the added flavor from cooking directly in the old iron Dutch oven)
Add briquettes to the fire as necessary.
Place Dutch oven on the charcoal grill and add the browned ribs.
When the pot is half full of ribs you’ll want to add BBQ sauce (or add water to prevent drying out while simmering) to those on the bottom only.
Continue loading the oven with the browned ribs.
The steaming sauce flavors the bottom ribs thoroughly and the top ribs somewhat less.
Slow cook/simmer ribs covered, about 2-3 hours or until meat begins to fall off bone.

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