Make a Dakota Fire Hole

Dakota fire holes are a great way to cook your food if you want to be stealthy in the woods. What do I mean by stealthy? Well, the Dakota fire hole is in the ground which will keep the smoke and flames from being as visible.It provides a hot fire to cook quickly and when you are done just cover the hole up with the dirt you dug out and no one will know you were there.

Materials You will need to Make a Dakota Fire hole:

Shovel or Trowel

How to Make a Dakota Fire hole:

What you want to do is dig a hole a foot deep and between 4”to 8” in diameter.
Depending on the wind direction, you’ll want to dig another hole, also between 4” to 8” in diameter, that connects to the first hole. It will be a tunnel that angles down and leads to the main fire hole from about a foot away. When the wind blows, it will feed the fire with oxygen, as you feed it with wood.
After the 2nd hole is dug, make a fire in the first hole.
When it’s hot you can feed the fire with the second hole. You can either cook on it the way it is or if your pan is too small you can get some green twigs and place them across the top to hold your pan.
Give this fire hole a try. See just how well you can hide in the woods while you cook yourself a meal in the great outdoors.

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