Make a Yukon Stove for Survival.

Cooking meat and keeping warm is imperative in a survival situation. You’ll find several different survival stoves which can be made.

Whether you’re stuck out in the wild or you have every intention of being there and have planned it ahead of time, a Yukon stove can serve you very well. Taking a little time to create, the Yukon stove needs to be built in an area that is going to be central to where you’re sleeping and to the primary area of finding water.

One of the first things that you’re going to do in a survival situation is to establish a base camp that is central to a water source and is able to provide you with a food source or hunting area in the near vicinity. Once you’ve found water and established where you’ll be staying and how you’ll shelter, the next step will be to determine how you’re going to warm yourself and the area, as well as how you’re going to cook. Like a Rocket Stove, A Yukon Stove can give you all of those things.

Included are some rough sketches of a Yukon stove that will guide you in building your own for practice or for your own use.

To Make Your Yukon Stove
The Yukon stove is going to take a little time to build but once you do, it’s outstanding for both heat and for cooking.

To get started, dig a hole that is about one foot deep and about ten to twelve inches around.
At approximately 2 o’clock, dig a separate smaller hold that will be used to make a channel down into the fire pit. You’re going to use this to feed your fire as well as to add things to the baking chamber.
You’re going to build the above-ground part of the structure over the main hole.
Building around the edges of the main hole, start stacking rocks so that you’re building a funnel shape.
The top portion of the stove is going to be smaller than the bottom hole, so aim your rocks inward accordingly.
Make the funnel narrow slightly toward the center and as you go higher, flare it out just a little.
While you are building, you’ll need to pack the spaces between the rocks with clay and dirt to make it airtight so that the chimney is sealed.
Once you get the entire structure built, you’ll want to start a fire to create the heat that you need to make it all settle.
Start a small fire in the channel.
Allow it to grow slightly and then shove it into the main chamber.
Feed the fire with twigs and sticks from the top.
Your oven is going to make a lot of heat. These are ideal for cooking and for baking. This is the exact kind of furnace that was used in ancient times for smelting iron because it makes so much heat and is so efficient.
You’ll be cooking the food primarily by placing it over the top of the chimney area, which will produce a lot of heat so be careful with it.
It’s very possible to use a Dutch oven to cook in this type of furnace and get great results.
If you want to bake in the chamber, wrap the food and place it down the channel but make sure that you do it after the fire has burned down to coals. Using it while there is a full flaming fire in there will usually result in charred food rather than well baked. In many cases it simply incinerates.
This oven burns so hot that it actually consumes most of the ash so that it needs cleaned only once in a while.

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