Resources & Downloads

Free Books and Papers

There are numerous free papers and ebooks out there that are able to be downloaded for your use. Most are available from Google but there are other libraries and resources too. We’re gathering as many as we can find to give you good downloads and resources to help you in your off-grid living.

Here are some great downloads. All of them are current and available at the moment however that is always subject to change so your best option is to take your browser and as most of these are pdf files, download them to your computer and save them to a file so that you can have them in perpetuity.

>Woodburning Stoves and Furnaces
Winter Survival Handbook
USMC Winter Survival Course
Handbook for Practical Farmers
Survival Medicine
Rural Tanning Techniques
Preserving Fish and Meat
Making Jerky
How to create Black Powder
How to Make Fertilizer
Handbook of Knots and Splices
Home Canning
Full First Aid Manual
Dutch Oven Recipes
Manual of
Canning and Preserving Book
More Canning Recipes
Scouting Woodlore
Cold Weather manual
Decoying and Concealment from the US Army
Jar Recipes
Medicinal Plants
More Jerky Recipes
Home Dried Foods
Emergency Field Procedures
Book of Home Made Weaponry
Medieval Ways With Food
Handbook of Natural Cures