Sighting in Your Compound Bow

With a compound bow you have many choices in sights. Many people like fiber optic sights with a light gathering cell on the side. Some hunt with their bow and this kind of sight gives them the chance to increase by just a few minutes their hunting day! You can shoot earlier and later than most other hunters!

Pre Season Checks

  • The first thing that to do is ensure that the equipment is in good working order.
  • Check the string for frays.
  • Check the rest for signs of wear.
  • Check your sight mount screws.
  • Make sure that anything that isn’t up to another season is replaced prior to beginning the sighting process.
  • You will also need a few basic tools such as a set of Allen wrenches.

Sighting it In

  • Start close to make sure you are on target.
  • Just about 10 yards should be good.
  • Take a few shots making sure that you are hitting the target close to the middle.
  • Pull your arrows and move out to 20 yards.
  • The top pin on most hunting bows is 20 yards.
  • Take a minute and prepare yourself.
  • A slow smooth shot will always give you the best shot group.
  • Each and everything you do must be deliberate, smooth and the same.
  • Shoot at least three rounds or sets of 3 arrows each.
  • The goal here is to get a tight shot group.
  • For most people this works well but the rule is that you cannot move your sights until you have a consistent shot group. The tighter the better.
  • It is not uncommon to hit your own arrows breaking knocks, shooting through veins and even straight down the shaft!

Completing the Job

Let’s say that you have shot your sets and you now have a fairly tight shot group that is about 3 inches low and 5 inches to the right of the bulls eye.

  • The direction doesn’t matter here. The rule is still the same.
  • The rule is to play “chase” with the arrows.
  • That means that your sites need to move in the same direction as your shot group.
  • Move your pin down and to the right in order to bring the pin back towards the center of the target.
  • It takes me 3 to 5 rounds of shooting before I am ready to move my pins.
  • Another 5 or 6 individual sight movements to get the arrows on the center and then months of shooting to be ready for hunting season.
  • As far as hunter ethics are concerned here is a great rule of thumb.
  • Shoot until you can put all of your arrows into a paper plate.
  • Do this at every distance that you think you are comfortable shooting at.
  • Go back to 50 yards. This is a great way to help you be confident in your equipment and your ability

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