Sometimes, you just need to leave everything behind and be one with Mother Nature. There is nothing better than staying in the wilderness. Of course, you must take note that camping in the wilderness is not as simple as just leaving the comfort of your bed and sleeping under the stars. You must be prepared for your trip to the wilderness because anything could go wrong in a split second.
Below are some useful tips on how to survive in the wilderness:
1. Communicate. Never forget to inform people close to you that you are leaving for a trip to the wilderness. Do this just in case you become stranded. Provide them your specific location and route. Also, tell them how long you will be staying there.
2. Always be aware and alert. When you reach your desired location, it is vital for you to stay alert. If you start to get worried or scared, it is important to stay calm and positive. You should remember to maintain your best mental and physical condition. Take your time in everything you do. There is no need to rush at all, so don’t panic. Remember, you went there to escape the hustle and bustle of civilization. Stop for a while. Breathe, and then think of what you should do next if your first plan doesn’t work out.
3. Create an inventory. Always take note of what you have in your bag. The moment things turn a bit unfavorable, everything you have with you will be your most treasured possessions. They could help you hunt or set traps for your food if you run out. Even the smallest items like a lighter could help make a bonfire quickly to keep you warm or keep wild animals away.
4. Stay hydrated. Once you run out of bottled water, it is time to find a water source. If you found a body of fresh water in the off-grid area you chose, then you are at an advantage. Just remember to boil the water first before you drink it. If you can’t find water anywhere, build a water still or a rain catcher.
5. Build your shelter. Squeeze out your creativity here. Take your pick from the different types of shelters. Select one that’s easy to make, sturdy, and warm. Overhangs are best for mountainous areas. Use leaves and branches to insulate your shelter. If you have access to pine needles, then you have the right bedding material.
6. Navigate well. To do this, you should keep a compass with you. But what if you lose it for some reason? Just wait for the stars to appear in the night sky and use them. Before you reach your campsite, it is vital to note all the mountains, paths, and rivers you pass. These will give you your personal map back to civilization.

The wilderness is pure. It is untouched by the modern comforts of man. Yet, if you feel like conquering it on your own, follow these tips, so that you could return home and tell everyone about your adventure.

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