Wild Turkey you would want to see while hunting

Tips for Turkey Hunters

If you are a novice or intermediate turkey hunter, you might have discovered that it’s harder than it appears. The turkey out in the wild is a difficult bird for a person to pursue and hunt. It may have a humorous name, but the turkey has a surprising intelligence level and sharp eyesight. It can take a long time for a hunter to improve the qualifications it takes to close in on and creep up on a turkey. But you can really increase your chances in turkey hunting by having the advantage with an effective camouflage. This cuts down on visibility for the turkeys and allows the hunter to get in close enough to take a shot.

For the hunter on the field, the most effective type of camouflage available is the ghillie suit, which was developed over a hundred and fifty years ago in the highlands of Scotland. It is a suit that you can place over your normal clothes to significantly alter your form and significantly lower your visibility to animals out in the wild. Strands of fabric like jute or burlap hang down all over the suit, making it extremely hard for game to spot you. This makes the human blend in to their surroundings by blending the human pattern and form. Ghillie camo can be so efficient that it is possible for game to come right up to a hunter that is being really still.

A turkey’s fine vision is bewildered when human forms are broken up with the help of a ghillie suit. In order for a person to successfully hunt a turkey, they must get within a range to have a kill shot to stop an injured turkey from running off in the forests. A person stalking the turkeys can cut this distance between themselves and a gang of turkeys by moving slowly and staying low to the ground.

It is best to try and locate turkeys in the evening as they are getting ready to roost. Stalking a turkey is extremely difficult. In fact, there’s a good possibility it’s already seen you if you spot a turkey in the field. It is hard to stalk them because they not only can see a large distance but have a broad range to their eyesight. A gang of turkeys will often face each other in circles to see all sides of the field and prevent other animals from sneaking up behind them.

Staying in a single location and waiting in a heavily populated turkey area can be a somewhat slow process that takes a lot of time being very still. And then there’s the chance that before you get an opportunity to get a good shot the gang of wary turkeys will spot you the moment you move and be on the run. It may take patience and ingenuity, but it is possible to get within range of a group of turkeys. With a good gun, a ghillie suit, and an effective turkey call you could get those turkeys once and for all.

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